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Bimetallic barrels, matching screws

April 1, 2003

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Bimetallic barrels, matching screws

profocus5.jpgAn expanded barrel product line includes a wide range of bimetallic barrels and liners designed for wear resistance and corrosion resistance in extreme applications, such as processing highly filled materials. Screws come in standard application finish, with flight tipping, or fully-encapsulated with bimetallic materials. Screws are available in all geometries up to 10 inches in diameter and nearly 275 inches in length. Bimetallic barrels range in bore size from 3¼4 to 21.5 inches and up to 225 inches long in one piece. Two-piece barrels for larger machine types are available in lengths up to 303 inches. Barrels are constructed of alloys for abrasion and corrosion resistance to withstand severe processes involving materials such as glass, titanium, dioxide, quartz, talc, mineral oxides, and others.

In addition to barrel and screw production, the company provides a re-sleeving service for worn nitrided barrels. Re-sleeves are engineered to the same standards as the new barrels and are reported to last four to five times longer than the original nitrided product. The company?s manufacturing capabilities, including CNC machine tools, are located in a new 55,000-sq-ft facility in the United Kingdom.

Davis-Standard Brookes Ltd., Pawcatuck, CT
(860) 599-6262; www.davis-standard.com

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