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August 23, 2008

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Dual side-entry robot series

Pneumatic or servo side entry is featured on a new line of robots from Chen Hsong. The Swift Series consists of two robot designs: a pneumatic side entry (CR-1200) and a servo side entry (SR-1200 and SR-1600). The CR-1200 offers a 1-second dry cycle takeout time and a 3-second overall dry cycle.

The SR-1200 and SR-1600 systems are targeted to thin-wall applications. The servodrive design reportedly provides position accuracy of +/-.3 mm, and the transverse axis offers multipositioning capabilities that integrate with downstream operations. The SR-1200 and SR-1600 have takeout dry cycles of .6 and .7 second, respectively. The series is for 128- to 268-ton machines.
To enhance the reliability and precision of the robots, the linear guide rail, ball screw, and servomotor are imported from German and Japanese suppliers. The bearings used on the linear axes are said to reduce friction with the rails. In addition, the ball bearings are lubricated and sealed inside the roller, limiting lubrication to once a year. A specially designed wrist flip unit is customizable and the center height (z-axis) can be adjusted to match mold height.

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