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August 23, 2008

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Economical transparent nylon offers clarity, chemical resistance

Grivory GTR 45, a partially aromatic, amorphous nylon copolymer suitable for injection molding, is a transparent material that combines clarity and chemical resistance with a good balance of mechanical properties. It retains its properties after water absorption and has a 91 percent light transmission for clear applications.

According to the manufacturer, Ems-Chemie, Grivory GTR 45 compares to polycarbonate with better abrasion behavior, chemical resistance, and similar mold shrinkage. Compared to DuPont?s Zytel 330, Ems-Chemie says Grivory GTR 45 offers better clarity, toughness, elongation, and processibility, and provides shorter cycle times, lower processing temperatures, and more consistent parts. It ranges in price from $3 to $4/lb depending on quantity.

Ems-Chemie (North America) Inc.
Sumter, SC
Phone: (803) 481-6171
Fax: (803) 481-6121

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