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Electrostatic oil cleaner removes contaminantsElectrostatic oil cleaner removes contaminants

August 23, 2008

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Electrostatic oil cleaner removes contaminants

Molding machine performance can reportedly be enhanced with Kleentek electrostatic oil cleaning systems. The system rids hydraulic oils of insoluble contaminants like tars, varnishes, and sludge. These contaminants form from oxidation and affix to machine components, compromising performance by affecting control stability and valve adjustment. This leads to increased downtime and maintenance requirements. Kleentek uses electrostatic principles to draw contaminants from the oil and then traps them with a collector. The unit only extracts insoluble contaminants and reportedly can drastically reduce oil changes. Featuring a modular design, Kleentek can be plugged in to most hydraulic oil systems and be field-mounted as a dedicated unit.
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