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Guesswork gone from interpreting stress filmsGuesswork gone from interpreting stress films

August 23, 2008

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Guesswork gone from interpreting stress films

The Topaq Pressure Analysis System is software that can help remove the guesswork from analysis of stress-indicating films. The films, used to assess pressure between compressed mold faces, permanently change color in proportion to pressure levels and can be visually examined with approximately 80 percent accuracy, according to the manufacturer. Using Topaq, however, is said to increase accuracy to 90 percent by scanning the film into high-definition digital images and producing statistical reports. These reports show pressure patterns on mold faces for quality control and research purposes. Additional features include pressure level histograms, 3-D viewing modes, and enlargement and reduction capabilities. Topaq can be used in conjunction with the sensor film Super Pressurex, a new film that the manufacturer says is 50 percent more accurate than preceding products.

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