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High-impact, High-gloss Ps Rivals Abs Performance

February 28, 2003

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High-impact, High-gloss Ps Rivals Abs Performance

Nova’s FX550 polystyrene has high-impact and high-gloss properties for such applications as small appliances and housewares. Nova says that its high-melt-flow characteristics, and its ability to be easily colored at the machine and be processed without predrying, make it easier to process than abs.

“FX550 provides molders and end-users high gloss, toughness, scuff resistance, and environmental stress crack resistance — all at a lower total cost than ABS,” says Holly Wilson, market director of durable applications. The first uses are refrigerator shelves and office supplies. Other potential applications include vacuum-cleaner housings, toys, kitchen and bath accessories, cosmetics packaging, and as well as point-of-purchase displays.

The star diagram shows various physical properties of FX500 versus three grades of ABS. Scuff resistance results are from a modified Sutherland Rub Test; data on percentage gloss-retention refer to results after scuffing. Highest test values are shown. Nova Chemicals, 1550 Coraopolis Heights Rd., Moon Township, PA 15108 www.novachem.com

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