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High-speed sprue removal

September 1, 2003

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High-speed sprue removal

The RX 5 pick-and-place robot comes with an SPS 2000 control, containing three basic programs. Sprues can be removed from the fixed or moving half of the mold. Correspondingly, the unit can drop sprues on the rear side of machine or the operator side?a changeover that can be performed by the user. The sprue can be released on the retracted or extended y-axis.The unit comes with a sprue gripper as standard. The advanced position for mold closing signal can be adapted to the application. The complete unit swings out of the way during a mold change. Take-out times of .3 second guarantee high productivity, especially with molds for high-speed production. The unit adapts to the injection molding machine via the mechanical interface Euromap 18, size E5/E6/E7/SPI 3.0, and the electrical interface Euromap 12/SPI 3.0. Times are input digitally with a key pad. The operator panel contains a key pad, an operator guidance with eight LED keys, and a 2x20-digit illuminated LCD. All displays are in plain text.

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