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Online research toolOnline research tool

August 23, 2008

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Online research tool

Amsterdam-based publisher Elsevier (Amsterdam, Netherlands) recently announced the launch of illumin8, said to be the first Web-based research tool that integrates natural language search technology with content from Elsevier?s full-text scientific articles, abstracts, patents, and Web sources. According to the company, its latest online research tool will transform its high-value content into actionable knowledge, and in formats that fit directly into the professional?s workflow.

?We have found illumin8 to be a unique and effective way to mine the Internet and premium content for solutions to technical problems and questions,? says Mary Poul, marketing manager from 3M Medical Systems, who has beta-tested illumin8. ?The value for us is the unique search capability with the deep and broad content set. Further, doing the research without illumin8 would have taken weeks and I would have spent countless hours looking at data that was not relevant to my project.?

Illumin8 combines search and semantic indexing technologies to derive meaning from Elsevier?s content. Designed to go beyond simple keyword search, the software is said to be able to quickly extract summarized answers and interrelationships that are semantically related to the context of the search query.—MM

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