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July 1, 2003

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PCT2 Series dryers

PF_UnaDyn_pct2.jpgPCT2 Series dehumidifying dryers use pulse-cooling technology (PCT) to dry material at a throughput rate of 300 to 3500 lb/hr. The dryers are available in eight different sizes, and the capacity unit comes with a microprocessor control including a material saver function. The dryers have a temperature range of 150 to 375F. The dryers are said to yield a constant dewpoint and steady material temperatures throughout the drying cycle. Material throat temperatures can be maintained at ±2F when incorporated with the company?s feedthroat vent adapter. The system has minimal moving parts, easy access to all components, and central self-diagnostics. Electric and gas models are available.

Universal Dynamics Inc., Woodbridge, VA; (703) 490-7000; www.unadyn.com

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