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PVC gets approval for use in pipe fittingsPVC gets approval for use in pipe fittings

August 23, 2008

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PVC gets approval for use in pipe fittings

Approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Novablend 6088 and 6089 PVC compounds were recently introduced for use in pressure fittings and other water distribution system applications. Both have a specific gravity of 1.38 and comply with ANSI/NSF standards 14 and 61 for plastic piping components; in addition, they both meet ASTM D-1784 Cell Classification 12454-B.

Of the two opaque grades, Novablend 6088 has a higher tensile strength (7150 psi) and notched Izod impact (1.5 ft-lb/in). Novablend 6089 offers higher tensile modulus (470,000 psi) and flex modulus (446,000 psi).

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