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June 1, 2000

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Sprue-Picker/Parts Handler Is Designed For Presses Up to 350 Tons

Sprue-Picker/Parts Handler Is DesignedFor Presses Up to 350 Tons

28.jpgThe EA-Mini 2001 SLI pneumatic sprue picker and parts handler from Geiger Handling features a high-speed positioning system, which includes self-regulating hydraulic shock absorbers on the Y axis. This is said to allow for take-out times of0.7 to 0.8 sec. Speed canbe programmed via a hand-held programming device, or the unit will self-regulate its speed.

Payload capacity (including the gripper) is 4.4 lb; unit is designed especially for injection molding machines up to 350 tons.

The rotation module on the Y axis is separately controlled to ensure maximum flexibility of the motional sequences. The gripper can be pivoted to an angle of up to 17 deg.

In addition to the drilled holes for the standard gripper, there are a variety of mounting possibilities for an end-of-arm tool with vacuum cups (a vacuum circuit with monitoring capability has already been integrated). This allows for easy removal of difficult-to-reach sprues and parts.

The removal stroke (X axis) is from 0 to 190 mm. The vertical stroke (Y/Z axes) can be adjusted between 400 and 700 mm or 300 and 500 mm. And the pivoting axis (A axis) is from 54 to 86 mm.

The robot sits on the fixed platen in the center of the injection molding machine. A sliding console with 20 in. of travel lets operators slide the robot out of the way when pulling a mold. It can be configured to slide to either side of the press or to either the front or back.

Prices start at $8400 for a unit with an X axis of 7.5 in. and extended Y axis of 31.5 in.

Geiger Handling USA
Madison, Wisconsin 

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