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Strong, stiff polymer can be used for structural applications

April 1, 2003

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Strong, stiff polymer can be used for structural applications

NP_MPT_parts2.jpgParmax Self Reinforced Polymers (SRPs) are based on a polymer structure with a rigid backbone, giving the material strength and stiffness while retaining processibility. The material is said to have outstanding mechanical properties and thermal stability, high hardness and abrasion resistance, low moisture absorption, and good optical transparency.

Parmax SRPs can be blended and alloyed with other polymers to improve their properties, similar to fiber-reinforced composites, though Parmax can allow for facile processing and optical transparency.The material is said to be two to four times stiffer and two to three times stronger than other thermoplastics. It can be used for structural applications without added fibers. The polymers are soluble in organic solvents to produce films and coatings from solution. Parmax derivatives can be melt-processed through compression molding and extrusion; injection-molding grades are anticipated.

During development, the material was reportedly extruded 10 times with no change in molecular weight or properties. It can be machined like aluminum or made into foam that absorbs less than .5 percent water. Two Parmax SRP derivatives are currently available?Parmax-1000 and Parmax-1200?with other grades expected.

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