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Super-soft TPESuper-soft TPE

August 23, 2008

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Super-soft TPE

Taking a bike ride or a long run may be easier to endure as a result of the introduction of a new ultrasoft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Used in bicycle seats and shoe sole inserts, Versaflex CL2000X from GLS Corp. is reported to be one of the softest injection molding grades of TPE commercially available. This grade of Versaflex is water-clear, is not oily or tacky, is fully colorable, and can be overmolded on substrates like polypropylene, according to GLS. Other typical applications for the 3 Shore A TPE include grips for athletic equipment and handles for brushes and other personal care products. CL2000X costs $1.75 to $2.31/lb.

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