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Wedge clamps provide safety

August 23, 2008

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Wedge clamps provide safety

Injection molders will have peace of mind when performing quick mold changes with these new double-acting wedge clamps. Used in mold change systems, the wedge clamps? compact, self-locking design and high retention forces offer safety and optimum time savings in mold changes. They use a two-piece clamping bolt and block cylinder system combined with hydraulics, which operate off the molding machine?s system, to provide the clamping force. Even if pressure is lost, clamping force is still maintained.

Here is how the clamps work. In retracted position, the clamping bolt disappears in the housing for unrestricted mold change. As it is extended, the bolt clamps straight down on the tool, which prevents side loads and potential for mold movement, unlike systems that clamp at an angle. Once engaged, the hydraulically operated clamps wedge internally and mechanically lock in position. Optional position monitoring utilizes proximity switches to accurately signal clamp operation. Wedge clamps are available in three basic sizes with clamping forces ranging from 5625 to 22,500 lb. The systems are custom designed, so contact the manufacturer for price based on individual requirements.

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