Resin Pricing

Welcome to our Resin Pricing page. No single line item on a processor's ledger is larger than plastics purchasing. We developed this page to keep you informed on current resin prices and on the news that can move those prices, in the hopes you can use this information to keep your resin spend as low as possible.

Each workday we will update the spot and contract pricing charts below with the help of our friends at The Plastics Exchange. Here the editors of PlasticsToday will post articles and commentary on supply/demand issues and other pricing topics. More developments are in the pipeline so check back daily.

Source: The Plastics Exchange

Pricing & Production News

January news

2/3/15: January resin prices: PE down $.04/lb and PP declined $.10/lb

1/28/15: PP contracts are down about $.25/lb

1/20/15: Contracts for both PE and PP drop for the third straight month

1/14/15: Energy and feedstock costs are cratering; North American resin prices also plummeting

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