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Design: Moldex releases new 3D simulation software

Plastics design and analysis software supplier CoreTech System (Chupei City, Taiwan) this month began officially marketing its newest product, Moldex3D R9.1, which the firm claims will prove the fastest true 3D analysis tool available to injection molders.

MPW Staff

January 23, 2009

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Design: Moldex releases new 3D simulation software

The new release to the company’s established Moldex software provides a number of new functions and enhancements, such as enhanced parallel computing technology and a new meshing kernel. It also is said to offer users more accurate analysis results on multi-component molding than on previously released software.

Moldex3D R9.1 builds upon the capabilities of past releases. According to the developer, key features in Moldex3D R9.1 include the enhanced performance of parallel computing that could help users see a gain of from 3-10 times of acceleration. The benchmark of Moldex3D R9.1 on a 4-node Core i7 PC-cluster shows more than 10 times the performance improvement of 3D flow analysis on a case of one million elements. Accuracy also is improved. Some 485 plastic materials were updated and added to the database. It is said to completely support two-color (2K) molding / overmolding to provide realistic analysis results on multi-component molding. The supplier also says that new Gate and Runner design wizards can help reduce the runner and gate design process dramatically.

Pricing and more detailed product information is available through the firm’s agents, with contact information at the website.—[email protected]

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