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Pad printing machines go modular

August 23, 2008

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Pad printing machines go modular

Two upgraded pad printing machines feature a modular design that creates a highly customizable product for customers. The G2-150 and G2-MPPS can be configured by the end user with attachments for single- and multicolor printing, indexing, and part handling. The G2-MPPS also has the capacity for larger image sizes, and both models come with increased multicolor capability. The manufacturer describes the G2-150 as a midsize, floor-model pad printer with up to four-color printing capability. The G2-MPPS offers six-color printing in a substantially larger footprint. Quick changeovers of ink and indexing attachments are possible on both units because of modular design.

Depending on the machine, combinations of one-, two-, or 4/6-color inking systems are possible along with the corresponding indexing system. In a multicolor scenario, customers can choose between linear and carousel indexers, or a four-position turntable indexer can be used in the one-color mode. The G2-MPPS 175-mm-diameter sealed ink cup can be used in single-color mode. Both models allow one-color printing of long-format images for products like rulers and tool handles by using a transverse inking attachment.

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