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K 2022 News

Songwon Debuts New UV Absorber, Antioxidant

Image courtesy of Stephen Moore Songwon executives
Thomas Schmutz, Leader Global Sales at Songwon (right), and Songwon CEO Jongho Park.
Higher processing temperatures, better color protection, and a longer service life are among the core attributes of the materials.

Global polymer additives supplier Songwon has expanded its portfolio with two new products, which it featured at K 2022: Songnox 9228 antioxidant and Songsorb 1164 UV absorber. These polymer additives are suitable for packaging, agriculture, and building and construction as well as home and personal care applications.

Because of its hydrolytic stability, Songnox 9228 antioxidant overcomes the challenges faced by traditional high-performance phosphites/phosphonites by allowing more severe polyolefin processing, especially at high temperatures. In addition, it provides color protection for chromium-catalyzed high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), and engineering resins.

The latest addition to Songwon’s range of UV absorbers is a triazine — Songsorb 1164 — that protects plastics against UV light degradation. Compared to conventional benzotriazole UV absorbers that are falling out of favor in some markets, Songsorb 1164 makes it possible to achieve a longer service life for polyolefins and engineering plastics exposed to outdoor weathering. The product was originally developed for food-contact polyolefins but it has also found use in automotive bumpers.

“Songwon continues to support the industry with innovation by delivering in-house produced antioxidants and UV absorbers to the market. Songnox 9228T (new to Songwon) phosphite secondary antioxidant brings valuable features to our solid phosphite product range, and Songsorb 1164 UV absorber complements our Songsorb 1577 triazine range of UV absorbers,” said Franky Cuypers, Leader Global Sales at Songwon.

“Now we have the broadest range of phosphite AOs in the market,” added Thomas Schmutz, Leader Global Technical Service at Songwon. “Previously there was only one supplier, Dover Chemical, so the industry will embrace a second supplier for stability.”

Songwon manufactures a comprehensive range of antioxidants and UV stabilizers in physical product forms. By continually increasing its production capacity to match the needs of the markets it serves and with its proprietary technology and backward integration, Songwon said it is able to continue to deliver the high quality, consistency, and security of supply that customers have come to expect.

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