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Display Pack Installation Will Increase Recycled PET Use

Drying system from Starlinger produces food-grade rPET for thermoforming applications from post-consumer flake, in-house regrind scrap, and pelletized material.

March 20, 2023

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Display Pack’s installation of a Starlinger deCON IV+ unit will create a continual loop of true recyclability.  

The deCON IV+ unit, one of only four in the US, will be fully operational in March 2023. This equipment takes material through a decontamination drying process resulting in high intrinsic viscosity (IV) 100% food grade material. This highly versatile unit can process post-consumer PET flake, in-house regrind scrap, and pelletized material. This technology allows Display Pack to manufacture PET products with up to 100% recycled content using post-industrial and post-consumer resources while ensuring high-quality sheet extrusion.  

"In addition to diverting plastics from the landfill, we can provide solutions to our customers that address their sustainability, quality, and price requirements," says Andy Blackmore, president and CEO of Display Pack. 

The deCON unit is designed on a first-in, first-out principle, ensuring a constant treatment time of the material in the reactor. The IV levels of post-consumer tray material are considerably lower than bottles, so this state-of-the-art equipment is essential to closing the loop.  

"Our deCON unit paired with our Starlinger extrusion lines, allows us to produce products faster and more efficiently than ever before while ensuring our customers continue to receive the highest quality products,” Blackmore adds.

According to Display Pack, the benefits of recycled PET (rPET)…

  • rPET has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET;

  • There are no significant performance challenges with using recycled PET;

  • Recycling plastic requires 88% less energy than producing plastics from raw materials;

  • rPET is lightweight and strong, allowing more product to be delivered with less packaging and less fuel than most other container materials.

Display Pack is a thermoform plastic packaging manufacturer headquartered in Cedar Springs, MI. Specializing in custom and stock packaging products, Display Pack offers value-added solutions like just-in-time inventory and technical resources to solve the complex problems that result in improved automation, shelf presence, and product sales.

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