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Product News - Cooling Water Filter Is Automatic, Self-Cleaning

June 1, 1999

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Product News - Cooling Water Filter Is Automatic, Self-Cleaning

Cooling Water Filter Is Automatic, Self-Cleaning

pn30-699.jpgThe Turbo-Disc Filter is an automatic, self-cleaning unit used to filter unwanted particulate and other contaminants from cooling tower water, chilled water and process water.

It can be used in full-flow and side-stream applications. On side-stream cooling tower filtration applications, the Turbo-Disc is said to use less flush water and to have a smaller footprint than most sand and gravel side-stream systems. The company also says that the filter media never needs to be removed or replaced.

An on-board controller monitors the differential pressure across the filter system, triggering a backwash when the filter becomes dirty.

Filters are custom manufactured to meet required flow rates. Pricing, which ranges between $6000 and $20,000, depends on whether the customer wants to purchase a turnkey side-stream system including the filter, pump, valves and all controls or a full-flow filter system that would use many filter pods to accommodate high flow rates.

Miller-Leaman, Inc.
Daytona Beach, FL  

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