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High flow ABS/PC plating grades target U.S. auto interior market

High flow ABS/PC plating grades target U.S. auto interior market
Elix Polymers has extended its chrome plating portfolio with an ABS/PC very high flow for demanding interior parts of premium automotive OEMs and a new ABS plating grade for the U.S. market with improved adhesion performance in critical parts.

High flow, plateable grades of ABS/PC are now available in the US market.

The Elix ABS P2MC product has been well established in the market for many years and is a benchmark product in Europe, with many global customers and OEM approvals. In 2016, the high heat version of the P2MC was launched on the market for applications with higher temperature requirements (Elix ABS HHP2MC). For applications where even higher temperature resistance or impact strength is required, Ultra HH4115PG, an ABS modified with PC, offers very competitive advantages over grades of PC modified with ABS in terms of processability, lightweighting and costs.

For some high demanding interior parts of premium automotive OEMs, an ABS/PC with improved flowability was required to achieve class-A-surface and lower cycle times. Thanks to Elix’s good relationship with these OEMs and the chrome plating tiers, a new grade with improved flowability was developed: Elix Ultra HF4200PG ABS/PC. Tests are currently under way at several tiers to start up the new projects.

Since 2016, Elix Polymers has operated an office in the US with its own sales team and local technical support. As the plating chemistry used in this region is different in some cases, Elix has developed a tailored ABS plating process for this market with its special technical requirements: Elix ABS 3095PG. This grade has already been tested and approved for different chrome-plated Automotive and sanitary parts.

All these grades have special material formulations dedicated to electroplating process requirements, ensuring high quality for Class A surfaces. To ensure Class A surfaces, the company has put in place a process of intensive quality control and selection of intermediate products.

Elix Polymers cooperates with the main producers of plating chemicals regarding Chrome6-free technologies and optimized resins for these new developments to achieve the best possible final plated plastic parts. In particular, in plating on plastics (PoP), it is important that all involved parties (plating chemistry producers, resin producers, tiers and OEMs) work together in an early development phase.

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