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K 2022 News

Thermoplastic Polyamide Makes Easy Work of Molding Complex Shapes

Article-Thermoplastic Polyamide Makes Easy Work of Molding Complex Shapes

Image courtesy of Bieglo Aurum resins
Materials supplier Bieglo will showcase results of spring trials it ran on Boy molding machines at K 2022.

High-performance materials supplier Bieglo will demonstrate its success using Aurum thermoplastic polyamide (TPI) to mold complex, low-tolerance shapes and parts when it exhibits at K 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The official distributor of Aurum by Mitsui Chemicals, Bieglo partnered with Mitsui and injection molding system provider Boy this spring to perform numerous trials using Aurum TPI.

Using conventional injection molding machines, the team made display frames measuring 12 x 9 x 2 mm. The materials used were:

  • Aurum PL6200, a blend of TPI and PEEK with a melt temperature range of 410°C.
  • Aurum PL450 black, melt temperature range of 420°C.
  • Aurum JCL 3030, which is carbon-fiber reinforced and has a melt temperature range of 450°C.

Filigrane structures of the frames were completely filled in a four-cavity, high-temperature controlled mold showing an “excellent” surface finish and “perfectly formed” fine structures, according to Bieglo. The frames were molded on a Boy XS machine featuring 100-kN clamping force and stroke volume up to 15.3 cm³.

Aurum TPI, which can also be used in extrusion and powder coating production, boasts excellent thermal resistance, insulative properties, mechanical strength, and tribological performance, Bieglo said. The material has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 245°C.

Aurum TPI is suited for aerospace and vacuum applications thanks to strong radiation resistance and very low outgassing, the company added. In electrical applications, the material insulates well because of its high dielectric strength and very low dissipation factors at various frequencies.

Bieglo will exhibit in hall 8a at booth B33. K 2022 comes to Messe Düsseldorf on Oct. 19 to 26.

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