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ABS film and sheet products for solar, automotive and printing markets

A new acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) film is being promoted for use as a backing material in alternative energy solar cells or as a sheet for luxury car interiors. The products also enables multilayer printing to show uneven surfaces, mainly for building-related materials. Techno Polymer Co. Ltd.'s (Tokyo) ValueTech line has been launched as a new business.

PlasticsToday Staff

August 23, 2010

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ABS film and sheet products for solar, automotive and printing markets

Techno Polymer's styrenic black-colored backing sheet consists of a special pigment blended with the company's highly weather resistant ASA resin. In solar cell modules which contain conventional black backing sheets, conversion efficiency has been improved by approximately 2%. In terms of durability, there were no negative effects on the module after conducting a 3000-hour heat and humidity aging test. The backing sheet is currently under evaluation for commercial viability by manufacturers of solar cell modules both in Japan and abroad.

Techno Polymer has also developed an ABS sheet with high gloss and enhanced appearance that minimizes defects that can appear on the surface of the molded item when vacuum molding. A major decorative sheet manufacturer has decided to adopt the product, and shipment has begun. A transparent ABS resin is also currently under development.

Finally the company will launch a special ABS film suited to gravure printing. The film has superior solvent resistance and multilayer printing is possible. The NFC series are highly resistant to heat and do not shrink during high-temperature drying (approximately 130ºC) while printing. Techno Polymer aims to expand the market mainly in building-related materials, with adoption by some customers already decided. —Stephen Moore

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