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Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc. (Rochester, IL) has expanded its offerings of thermoplastic elastomers with the introduction of a new grade in its general purpose 8000 Series, specifically the newly formulated 8078B grade for applications for both consumer as well as industrial products. Instrument panels is one potential application for the material.

PlasticsToday Staff

August 10, 2015

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Elastomer grade targets consumer, industrial applications


Latest Elastocon grade at home in consumer and
industrial applications alike. 

8078B can be injection molded, extruded or blow molded, and even overmolded (onto polypropylene) for products that call for rubber-like properties (Shore A 82) and a good surface finish.  Available in black pellets in 1,000 lb. quantities and readily available from Elastocon stocks, the new grade offers processors a multiple benefits for a wide range of applications.

Among the features, options and benefits are: high flow properties to enable complex part design; high impact resistance; excellent cold weather stability; UV stability; heavily lubricated versions available to eliminate post mold lubricant application; resistance towards chlorine and most sanitizers as well as must household cleaning products; and excellent cold weather resistance

Elastocon offers high performance TPE solutions across seven product families: unfilled, filled, super clear, TPOs, oil free for medical use, flame retardant and special colorable ESD formulations.

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