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April 14, 2016

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Panasonic develops light diffusion PP grade for LEDs

Japanese electronics firm Panasonic Corporation has developed a polypropylene (PP) compound that exhibits light diffusion properties called Full Bright. The material can reportedly extend the operational life of LEDs.

The company has already commenced commercial production of the material, which is both lightweight and delivers a higher brightness for LED lighting. Panasonic claims Full Bright is the first material applicable for injection stretch blow molding processes, and it enables the formation of complex shapes, thereby contributing to greater product design freedom for customers.

Diffusion plates are generally positioned adjacent to LED lighting sources in order to maintain uniform luminance. Currently, these diffusion plates are primarily molded of polycarbonate or acrylic resin. However, in the diversified environment of LED light sources, further light resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to high temperature and high humidity, and moreover lighter weight have been sought. Panasonic’s PP compound reportedly provides a solution to these issues and extends product life while contributing to lightweighting: the material is 30% lighter than polycarbonate.

In addition to injection molding, the material can also be used for injection stretch blow molding, something that was previously believed to be difficult using conventional light diffusion PP resin molding compounds. It can also be injection stretch blow molded in wall thicknesses of as thin as 0.5 mm with 10% thickness tolerance, something else that was reportedly previously unachievable. The MFR of the compound is 25 g/10 min.

In terms of light resistance, the PP compound’s discoloration as recorded in UV tests is equivalent to ten years of use in outdoor environments.

Target applications for the material include automotive interior lighting, outdoor sign boards, store lighting, water-related lighting, and digital signage.

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