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Optimized grade of BASF’s Ultramid polyamide enables more sustainable painting of automotive parts.

July 13, 2022

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BASF's Ultramid A3EM8 OP
Image courtesy of BASF

BASF has launched Ultramid A3EM8 OP, a polyamide grade optimized for painting as it provides a Class A surface finish and high bonding strength. With the new Ultramid grade, a primer is also not required to enhance bonding with paint, thereby reducing VOC emissions.

“As the painting process is simplified with our new Ultramid A3EM8 OP grade, production costs are reduced. The process also reduces the emission of VOCs from the primer,” said Desmond Long, Vice President, Business Management Transportation, Performance Materials Asia Pacific.

As Ultramid A3EM8 OP is resistant to high heat up to 180°C, it maintains dimensional stability during the painting process and under various driving conditions. In addition, the polyamide provides good chemical resistance required for automotive exterior parts. Thanks to these properties, it is now applied to the charging port flap of electric vehicles. The new grade’s toughness and stiffness make it highly durable to broad environmental conditions over its service period.

“We are exploring using this grade on other automotive exterior parts. As plastics offer cost and weight savings compared to metal, our customers want to replace more automotive parts with our high-performance plastics. The new Ultramid A3EM8 OP grade will be an additional incentive for them to do so,” said Long.

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