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Functional additive family dovetails with the company’s existing polyolefin compounds and grafted polyolefin resins.

March 3, 2022

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The Compound Co., a Netherlands-based developer and manufacturer of plastic compounds, has acquired the production site, product portfolio, and customer base for Exxelor polymer resins from Esso Deutschland GmbH, a unit of ExxonMobil in Cologne, Germany. The acquisition will increase global production capacity of The Compound Co. to about 70,000 tonnes/year and significantly expand the group’s reach into new markets.

Exxelor polymers are chemically modified polyolefin- and elastomer-based resins used to enhance the performance of engineering thermoplastics and other polymers. As impact modifiers, they improve the toughness of compounds. As compatibilizers, coupling agents, and adhesion promoters, they increase the bonding strength of non-polar polymers with polyolefins, fillers, and reinforcements as well as metals, thermoset rubbers, and most polar substrates, including glass fibers.

“We are very excited to welcome the Exxelor manufacturing force and portfolio in our organization,” said Frans Haafkens, major shareholder of The Compounding Company. “The acquisition adds a new sizeable jewel to our crown and ideally complements our established offering of Yparex [maleic-anhydride-(MAH)-functionalized polyolefin] extrudable adhesives and EcoForte [polyolefin] compound families. It provides great synergies to further grow our customer base, with new opportunities in several dynamic application areas, such as e‑mobility.”

“While Exxelor has traditionally been targeting different application areas than Yparex or EcoForte, it will benefit from the sales support by our experienced commercial team,” added Commercial Director Wouter van den Berg. “Our strategy is to use the addition of these performance resins as leverage for expanding into a wider range of markets. The production site and brand will be maintained, and the integration of Exxelor in our business will be as smooth as possible, without any major changes towards customers.”

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