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Top 10 Automotive and Mobility Stories of 2020

The best-read articles of the year are as diverse as the cars on the road and the modes of transport available today.

December 28, 2020

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2020 was not a good year for travel. The COVID-19 pandemic saw borders closed and international air travel spiral into lockdown in many countries; the cruise industry was plunged into crisis as numerous ships were transformed into mobile petri dishes for corona virus transmission; and governments recommended against interstate and domestic travel, or downright outlawed it in many countries. Car sales plummeted worldwide to boot.

Nevertheless, the auto industry continues its drive toward increased levels of electrification despite the voices of some detractors, notably Toyota. While some see hype, Tesla is now capitalized at more than the value of the top nine vehicle makers by volume, despite selling a fraction of the cars they do. It’ll be interesting to see if Tesla maintains its traction in the market.

In the meantime, enjoy 2020’s Top 10 Automotive and Mobility articles, starting with the popular theme of sustainability.

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