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Auxiliaries: Unit helps processors eliminate production waste

November 1, 2007

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Auxiliaries: Unit helps processors  eliminate production waste

The Edge Trim Conveying System is designed to collect continuous-flow edge trim from cast- or blown-film extrusion lines. By conveying the edge trim to a size-reduction or storage center, the generated scrap can be reclaimed and reused, and processors save money. The heart of the systems is the trim venturi. This proprietary design collects and conveys the edge strips. The relief head expels the air before it enters the size-reduction or storage center. It can be equipped with a swing adapter to allow access to the granulator without dismantling the system. The entire system is available in different sizes to accommodate the capacity of the actual production line. Options include sound-dampening features such as inlet elbow silencers for the blowers, duct silencers, and sound enclosures. Also available is a trim-diverter section used to redirect the scrap in the event of a granulator halt. This avoids the processor having to shut down the entire extrusion line. Sterling Systems, Forest, VA, U.S.A.; +1 434-316-5310; www.sterlingblower.com

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