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A large energy-efficient auxiliary dryer will debut at the upcoming Fakuma 2015 show from Protec. The SOMOS  T140 eco dryer reportedly enables higher material throughput to the SOMOS T/TF eco series of mobile dry air dryers.

PlasticsToday Staff

August 20, 2015

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Energy-efficient auxiliary dryer to debut at Fakuma 2015

 T140 eco dryer reportedly enables higher material throughput to the SOMOS T/TF eco series of mobile dry air dryers.


First outing at Fakuma: the new energy-efficient SOMOS T140 eco mobile dry air dryer with updated design and new touchscreen controller.

Offering hopper volume of 400 l and dry air throughput of 140 m³/h, it is a distinct step up from the five previously available auxiliary dryers with effective volumes ranging from 30 l to 300 l, which is also reflected in the updated design. The new dryer also features an updated touchscreen controller which offers numerous drying parameters tailored to the specific material as well as versatile documentation functions.

Like all SOMOS auxiliary dryers, the new T140 eco consists of a dry air generator and an insulated stainless steel drying hopper. To minimize energy consumption, the dryer is equipped with proprietary energy-saving technology.

Features include automatic adaptation of drying air volume to material throughput (ALAV) and the Super SOMOS control mechanism for adapting desiccant regeneration to the particular moisture loading of the adsorbent. Drying temperatures of 60°C to 140°C at a drying air dew point temperature of -35°C are standard while a high-temperature version is also available for drying temperatures of up to 200°C.

In addition, ProTec's new high performance SSP reactor for the solid-state post-condensation of plastics, which is optimized in terms of system and process engineering, will be highlighted at Fakuma.

Finally, following the recent acquisition of PolymersNetGmbH (Lampertheim, Germany), ProTec will present its LFT (long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics) systems platform. Customers now have access to a single source for the design, machine building and system installation of high-performance turn-key systems for producing LFT.

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