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August 23, 2008

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All-electric machines for high precision, long run molding

A new line of all-electric servodrive injection molding machines, the Elite series, has been developed. They range from 40 to 200 tons (soon to be 385 tons). Suitable for high precision and long run molding, Elite machines feature an extra-rigid clamping mechanism and a simplified driving mechanism to increase injection, mold open/close, and ejection speeds. The proprietary a-c servodriving system also allows the machines to hold exacting tolerances.

The line features a standard injection compression function that makes it possible to quickly set the operation mode best suited for the required compression steps. The function lowers cycle times, reduces molded-in stress, eliminates gas venting problems, and simplifies part removal.

Designed to be environmentally friendly, the all-electric Elite machines lower operating costs, eliminate the problems associated with hydraulic oil, and reduce power and water consumption. All Elite machines include a Syscom 1000 controller, which includes a large LC screen that displays all conditions and settings and a keyboard that simplifies data entry. Pricing information was not provided.

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