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Blowing agent compounds for rotomoldingBlowing agent compounds for rotomolding

September 1, 2004

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Blowing agent compounds for rotomolding

AccelMax BA-RM and BA-RMP chemical blowing agent compounds are designed for polyethylene (PE) rotomolding applications. AccelMax BA-RM comes in pellet form, and BA-RMP is in powder form. Rotomolders can single-source colorants, processing aids, and blowing agent compounds, smoothing out purchasing complexities and maximizing production uptime.

The compounds can be mixed directly in the mold with PE powders in a single-step rotomolding process, or can be used in conjunction with drop boxes to form multilayer part walls. BA-RM pellets are typically mixed with PE powder at a ratio of one part PE resin to three parts or more of compound to foam a rotomolded part core. BA-RMP powder can be mixed with powdered PE at a ratio of two parts PE to one part compound to foam product walls. The compounds offer additional stiffness in multilayer molding, relieve stresses, lighten products by as much as 65%, help enhance exterior finish, and provide design freedom.Accel Corp., Avon, OH
(440) 934-7711

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