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End-of-arm tooling for insert molding automates insertion, removal

August 23, 2008

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End-of-arm tooling for insert molding automates insertion, removal

In conventional insert molding on a larger press, two operators may be needed to load inserts, one from each side. Now, end-of-arm robotic tooling has been designed to automate this work. The system allows an operator simply to load the insert into the end-of-arm tooling from outside the robotic workcell. Then, the robotic tooling will accurately place the insert into the mold to be molded. The tooling has guide pins that line up with pins on the mold to ensure precision alignment. This pin-to-pin device is integrated with the manufacturer?s modular, adjustable tooling system.

Not only does the tooling load inserts, it can take a part out of the mold at the same time. While one side indexes to place an insert into the mold, the opposite side indexes to the other half of the mold to grab the molded part. This reduces mold open time, thus maximizing machine productivity. The tooling can be used to place many types of inserts, including cloth, steel, glass, and more. Price depends on application.

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