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For decades, the U-boat, a cocktail drink that can sink the unwary, was available only in select restaurants and pubs. The reason was simple: In its classic form, a U-boat is prepared by filling a schnapps glass with high-proof spirits and dropping this into a glass with soda. Cocktails made in this way, known as bomb shots, were therefore impossible to order in clubs, bars or similar types of hostelries where drinks are dispensed only in bottles.

Karen Laird

April 17, 2015

1 Min Read
Sinking spirits: New U-boat cocktail-in-a-bottle does the trick

U-boatNow, fans of mixed drinks have every reason to celebrate. The German company U-Boot Getränke (St. Ingbert) has brought to market the first packaged version of this classic libation. Working in collaboration with Greiner Packaging (Kremsmünster, Austria), one of Europe's leading plastic packaging manufacturers, the company has developed a new packaging, using an innovative "bottle-in-the-bottle" concept.

The packaging solution that is part soda and part alcohol has been on the market since December 2014, providing the classic U-boat experience while dispensing with the need for using glasses.

"We developed a bottle-in-the-bottle concept and mastered the challenge of functionality and product safety. Both bottles are sealed with the same cap which, when unscrewed, detaches the smaller inner bottle—the U-boat—from the seal. The U-boat then sinks in the bigger outer bottle," explains Günter Ausserwöger, Head of Division Kavo. "The new type of packaging now provides U-boat drinks for the first time as filled, finished products."

The bottles are both made from PET, with an HDPE seal. Injection stretch blow molding technology is used to produce the inner and outer bottles; the seal is then injected. The bottles hold 30 ml of spirit and 140 ml of soft drink. The outer bottle is screen-printed with UV drying colors, and the seal is printed with pad printing.

"We are proud of this packaging solution, since it clearly underscores Greiner Packaging's strength in innovation," said Ausserwöger.

U-boat drinks are available in four flavors: Blue (glacier water liqueur with lemon soda); Green (herb liqueur with energy drink); Yellow (vodka with orange soda); Orange (vodka with energy drink).

This innovative system solution is perfectly suited for ski resorts, as well as clubs and discos.

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