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Aluminum alloy provides strength of steel

September 1, 2006

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Aluminum alloy provides strength of steel

For certain applications, an aluminum alloy by Alcoa can compete against P-20 steel. QC-10 mold plate combines the high thermal conductivity normally associated with aluminum alloys with higher strength and hardness, more uniform through-thickness hardness, and increased resistance to exfoliation corrosion.

Alcoa says the material slides across itself very well, and is a third of the weight of steel. ?You can back off the pressure and clamp force much less with aluminum and can even use smaller machines with the right setup,? says Ron Smierciak, account manager for Alcoa.

The company reports that when substituted for P-20 steel, cycle times were reduced 20-30% and CNC feeds are reportedly 50% faster. The alloy is available in thickness from 10-24 inches, and the tight grain structure of QC-10 is said to provide outstanding surface finish, machinability with small chips, and very few burrs.

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