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Magnetic QMC multipliedMagnetic QMC multiplied

August 23, 2008

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Magnetic QMC multiplied

Using only a single control unit, a new magnetic QMC system from Pascal Engineering Inc. (Elk Grove Village, IL) allows you to quickly and affordably change molds on 10 presses or more. Its system is engineered to operate with small to midsize molding machines up to 280 tons.

Company sources say their system significantly reduces costs by eliminating the need for having discrete QMC control systems at each molding machine. For shop floors with 10 machines, its Multi-Mag system reportedly can reduce costs by more than 35%.

Also new from Pascal Engineering is a system that allows simultaneous, automatic, magnetic clamping and coupling. Pascal sources say this system dramatically reduces setup time while also saving space. And it?s said to be effective on both vertical and two-component molding machines.?CK

Pascal Engineering Inc.

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