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Maintenance-free rollers

Amie Chitwood

November 24, 2008

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Maintenance-free rollers

A cost-effective conveyor solution, the 1700 Series conveyor rollers with Taperhex Black shaft designs, is available from Interoll Corp. (Wilmington, NC). The shaft design features an easy-to-install, double spring-loaded tapered hexagonal shuttle that’s pressed into a roller’s profile holes for a secure and safe fit. Also, the Taperhex Black reportedly is constructed of proprietary, high-quality, electrically conductive technopolymer enhanced for noise reduction and wear resistance, according to the company.

The Taperhex Black shaft isn’t susceptible to any movement relative to the profile, a problem usually associated with torsional forces induced by start/stop operations. By eliminating such movement, the spring-loaded Taperhex reduces noise levels, component wear, and maintenance, extending its service life. It provides a maximum speed of 360 ft/min and a maximum load of 80 lb.

Interoll Corp.

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