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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-13916

npe45.jpgWhat's Hot! Company has a range of new equipment for marking, including a printing system for webs, a small-character valve-jet printer and several laser systems.

The Print-A-Mark Model 5324 Direct Print is designed for continuous printing on web materials. Unit uses molded rubber dies and high-contrast inks and is driven by frictional contact with the web to provide continuous printing at speeds to 600 ft/min. The 24-in. circumference wheel has a width of 3 in. to accommodate a variety of character styles and sizes.

The new S.C.I.F.I. 3200 valve-jet printer for small-character marking uses a pressurized ink supply and is capable of printing one or two lines of adjustable characters at speeds up to 240 ft/min. Unit has built-in networking software, called MATCOM, which makes it easy to monitor and control the coding system.

The laser systems are said to offer high-speed coding of several lines of text to match fast production lines. They produce marks for precision bar codes, text and identification marks, including complex logos.

Two styles of laser are available: scanning and dynamic. Scanning lasers operate by steering a single beam with two galvanometric mirrors essentially drawing with a single beam of light. Two types of scanning lasers are offered: CO2 and Yag.

A dynamic laser prints in a dot matrix pattern with 18 dots top to bottom, allowing for one, two or three lines of marking.

The CO2 laser is used for soft materials, like PET bottles and some other plastics, while the Yag laser is used for reflective surfaces or hard materials, like metals and some plastics.

Existing Products On Display Contact Coder Model CC100 can be used for such intermittent coding operations as logos, product codes, expiration dates and prices. The pneumatically operated coder is a reciprocating printer that marks products at rates up to 160 ppm. It can be integrated with form/fill/seal equipment, as well as with bagging and cartoning operations. It is also well-suited to industrial part identification and can be integrated into automated production lines.

Unit has a 'gentle-touch' print-head that does not distort the rubber type. The coding head can be mounted in any orientation for top, bottom or side coding. Circle 304

Cool Booth Details Marking samples will be given away.

Key Contact Sharon Seaman ­ Tel: 412-665-2480; Fax: 412-665-2550;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.matthewsmarking.com 

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