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System achieves unscrewing times of less than a second

August 23, 2008

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System achieves unscrewing times of less than a second

A molder making thermoplastic, tamper-evident bottle caps who required three stages of ejection reportedly has achieved unscrewing times of less than a second and overall cycle times of 12 seconds with a patent-pending system from B A Die Mold.

The Programmable Electric Rotation Core (PERC) system is said to offer accurate, fast, and efficient core positioning with unlimited turns and programmable speed profiles to produce almost any size threaded part. The quality of the parts is also said to increase due to the precise positioning capabilities. Typical unscrewing molds with a hydraulically operated rack have motion limited by the length of the cylinder stroke, use messy hydraulic hoses and connections, and sometimes require the use of larger molding machines. The PERC system?s compact size reportedly makes for fast, easy setups and eliminates messy hydraulic oils. The PERC system?s interface is ideal for use with electric molding machines, and smaller presses can be used to mold the parts.

PERC uses high-speed, high-torque, programmable d-c drive servomotors and a custom-manufactured gearbox for power transfer to rotating cores. The system can be configured for parting line unscrewing or vertical operation.?KH

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