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PTFE-free compounds meet Europe?s environmental standards

August 23, 2008

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PTFE-free compounds meet Europe?s environmental standards

Plastic products entering Europe, unlike those in the U.S., are required to be free of halogen and bromides to prevent toxic fumes during waste incineration. Using a traditional lubricant such as PTFE that contains halogen prohibits the achievement of this criteria, called the Blue Angel Ecological Standard, which requires a maximum PTFE level of .5 percent. LNP Engineering Plastics has developed a new line of internally lubricated, polycarbonate-based compounds dubbed Lubriloy D FR ECO that features a proprietary lubricant alloy instead of PTFE for U.S. companies selling to the European business machine and electronics markets. The ECO designation signifies compliance with the Blue Angel standard.

The Lubriloy grade reportedly provides similar wear and friction performance to materials containing PTFE, minimizing plate-out while offering good dimensional stability, weight savings, and impact resistance, as indicated by a notched Izod impact of 2 ft-lb/in and unnotched Izod impact of 25 to 35 ft-lb/in. The compounds are also available in glass-fiber-reinforced versions. Cost is 10 to 15 percent lower than PTFE-lubricated polycarbonate compounds.

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