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January 1, 2001

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Solid Purging Compound Priced Very Competitively

Solid Purging CompoundPriced Very Competitively

jan01_04.jpgBlackbrook Chemical's high-density purging compound, HD-Purge, is that company's first solid purging compound and reportedly, it has priced the product aggressively at just $1.99/lb. The company has been making a liquid purging compound (Enviropurge) since 1989.

Blackbrook President Tom Barrow says the pricing of ready-to-use, pellet-type purging compounds should better reflect the fact that such products have become a commodity. "Plastics processors shouldn't have to pay $5 to $12/lb for old technology."

The chemistry is "new and cutting edge," according to Barrow, "and it doesn't leave behind an ammonia smell." He claims that HD-Purge is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and works on all types of plastics processing equipment, including blow molding machines.

Barrow adds that one of the key ingredients is imported from Germany and the supplier is the sole manufacturer of such a product. "They claim that there has never been a plastics-related application to date, so this is truly new to our industry."

The compound is packaged in re-sealable, wide-mouthed, handle-style jugs (six per case) to make them easy to use and to retain product potency.

Blackbrook Chemical Ltd.  -  Bradford, Ontario, Canada

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