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Compressed-Air Loader Transfers Regrind At Rates Up To 700 Lb/Hr

Article-Compressed-Air Loader Transfers Regrind At Rates Up To 700 Lb/Hr

November, 2001


Compressed-Air LoaderTransfers Regrind At RatesUp To 700 Lb/Hr

1101/pn-12The CAML-EVG compressed-air material loading system from Conair operates unattended and is designed to evacuate regrind from granulator catch drawers and load it into Gaylords for storage. The company says it can transfer regrind at rates up to 700 lb/hr.

It is powered by standard shop air and incorporates a filling tube that can be swiveled between two Gaylord positions to simplify changing out full containers. An optional, retractable Gaylord cover keeps dust contained and prevents contamination of regrind.

The loader uses standard 20- to 60-psi shop air and a venturi-style material transfer device to draw material from the granulator drawer into a conveying hose and pushes it to the Gaylord. An on/off switch controls the unit. For timed loading, an Energy Miser option can be added, or a proximity sensor in the granulator drawer can initiate an adjustable loading sequence. An over-fill alarm strobe light (included) signals when the Gaylord is full. Then, the loader fill tube can be swiveled to the second Gaylord fill station and the full container removed with no interruption of service.

The system is mounted on a steel frame, which can be equipped with locking casters. The frame is designed in such a way as to not interfere when lift trucks are used to position Gaylords. Prices start at $1300.

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