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A little over a year after buying Covestro’s polycarbonate and polyester sheets business, Exolon Group is rebranding the product.

PlasticsToday Staff

April 7, 2021

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Exolon polycarbonate multiwall sheets
Image: Exolon Group

Continuing its rebranding campaign that began at the start of the year, Exolon Group announced today that it is changing the name of its core Makrolon brand to Exolon. Polycarbonate multiwall sheets will be produced and sold under the new name starting in May, followed by solid sheet products in July.

In January 2021, Exolon changed the name of its Bayblend sheets to Exoblend.

Exolon was formed in January 2020, when Covestro sold its polycarbonate and polyester sheets business to the Munich-based investment group Serafin. The new company was forged through the merger of three firms with more than 40 years of combined expertise in the production of polycarbonate sheets.

In the press release distributed today, the Exolon Group stressed that only the name is being changed, and that the material’s properties would not be altered. "Nothing else is changing, apart from the name. We will continue to represent excellence in quality, service, and safety," said Jens Becker, CEO of Exolon Group. “The brand may be evolving, but all contacts within the Exolon Group remain the same and are happy to answer any questions about the products."

Makrolon-based stadium roof

Makrolon polycarbonate sheets were used to manufacture the stadium roof. Image courtesy Exolon Group.

Makrolon is a registered trademark owned by Covestro and will continue to be used for the polycarbonate raw material and in the production of Exolon sheet material. “This means the processing and surface quality will remain the same, and the material properties will be identical,” said the company. “All production processes and safety regulations are classified and certified as usual according to the required regulations.”

The Exolon Group said that with this initiative it is opting for a subtle shift in the brand's visuals and product name. Going forward, new lettering will appear on protective films, documentation, and samples without any additional embellishments. The familiar product naming convention is also essentially retained. For instance, the multi-wall sheet range Makrolon multi UV will now become Exolon multi UV, said the company.

Dealers that have Makrolon sheet products in stock may still use the material and logo until the stock is sold. Since the material properties are identical, the old Makrolon and new Exolon sheets can be used together.

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