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Quality Control System Designed Specifically for Large-Pipe Extrusion

Sikora’s new Centerwave 6000/1200 is especially suitable for measuring the wall thickness, inner profile, diameter, and ovality of pipes in diameters between 1,000 and 1,200 mm.

July 22, 2022

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Centerwave 6000/1200 plastic pipe measurement system
Image courtesy of Sikora

German developer of plastic pipe quality control systems Sikora has introduced a new model in its Centerwave line. The Centerwave 6000/1200 measures the wall thickness, inner profile and diameter as well as ovality and is designed specifically to meet the requirements of large pipe manufacturers.

The compact system integrates easily with production processes and is particularly suitable for extrusion lines producing pipes in diameters between 1,000 and 1,200 mm (39.4 and 48 in.), according to Sikora. The Centerwave 6000/1200 supports immediate in-line centering and quality control. For the US market, the new model is compatible with the 48-in. IPS and DIPS standard.

All models in the Centerwave 6000 series feature a measuring principle based on millimeter wave technology. Operation is intuitive: The system is engaged with the push of a button, and the operator immediately receives continuous, precise measured values without having to preset product parameters or perform calibration.

The Centerwave 6000 is equipped with a transceiver that rotates permanently. Thanks to the speed of rotation and line speed that runs in parallel, helix-structured measurement is performed in the direction of production, ensuring 100% coverage. Wall thickness, diameter, and the inner profile are recorded without gaps over the pipe’s entire circumference and length. Minimum and maximum values are reliably determined. With each rotation, the measuring spot overlaps; as a result, the inner contour of the pipe is precisely mapped. Sagging and other defects are immediately detected, enabling corrections at an early stage of the process.

The Centerwave 6000 series also offers automatic control of the extrusion line taking into account standard deviations. This avoids over-consumption and facilitates automation in existing plants. Amortization is significantly less than one year, according to Sikora.

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