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PE bag industry in China remains fragmentedPE bag industry in China remains fragmented

November 4, 2005

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PE bag industry in China remains fragmented

With Chinese bag suppliers now subjected to an antidumping investigation by the European Commission, consultant AMI (Bristol, UK) has issued a timely survey to the leading bag and polyethylene film manufacturers in China. AMI points out that while China is the world''s largest market for the production of polyethylene film, it is still a highly fragmented industry. Apart from one or two major groups, the majority of producers are relatively small. AMI''s survey covers 50 of the largest, and together they represent around 14% of the total market. In Europe the equivalent percentage share held by the 50 leading groups is 60% and in North America it is 70%. However, production from these companies represents one-third of Chinese exports of PE film. -Stephen Moore; [email protected]

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