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To offer more service to its plastics processing customers who injection mold nylon, the Chem Polymer unit of plastics compounder Teknor Apex Co. (Pawtucket, RI) reports it invested recently in its own license for Autodesk Moldflow’s flow simulation software, which it operates in-house. The software includes modules for cooling, warpage, shrinkage, molded-in stresses, and fiber reinforcement. The MPA package acquired is an upgrade from standard Moldflow seats.

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Chem Polymer adds Moldflow, RJG eDart, and more for its nylon molders

The supplier also acquired an eDart process control system from RJG, which can be used to review molding machine operation and process performance, and invested in an infrared camera imaging system, which can be used to generate a thermal image for evaluating the cooling profile of a part.

Chem Polymer, acquired by Teknor Apex in 2004, produces reinforced and modified compounds of nylon 6, 6/6, 6/10, and 6/12 under the Chemlon brand. [email protected]

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