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Cleanrooms for injection molding: make your own or buy?

Gather your colleagues, write a list of your most pertinent questions on cleanroom injection molding, and then gather around a PC on Sept. 8 to have them answered during our inaugural event on Continuous Improvement in Injection Molding. We will definitely cover the "make or buy" question.One more critical step: register for the event. More on that later.

PlasticsToday Staff

August 10, 2011

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Cleanrooms for injection molding: make your own or buy?

But first a question: What do Dale Bohm of Mastercraft Industries and Scott Mackler and Tom Albano of Cleanroom Consulting LLC have in common? All three will present during the "cleanroom injection molding" session on Sept. 8 as part of our Continuous Improvement in Injection Molding event. For you the event entails no travel and no cost, but it does guarantee the chance to win an iPad and the certainty you'll pick up tips to put into practice. All you'll need to attend is a computer with Internet connection and a functional loudspeaker.

Dale will present on Mastercraft's experience with cleanroom molding, both with rooms it has acquired commercially as well as the Clean Environment Manufacturing Cells the company developed and built by itself.

Scot and Tom, meanwhile, will speak to "Contamination Control and Electrostatic Discharge Control in Injection Molding Cleanrooms." Cleanroom Consulting LLC specializes in cleanroom design and applications, cGMP cleanroom compliance, contamination control consultation, cleanroom and contamination control audits, and new cleanroom product introductions. It also is frequently called in to help clients with the sort of "make vs. buy" analysis that Mastercraft conducted before building its CEMCs.

View the full agenda for the event here and register now to enter your name in the contest for the iPad.

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