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Coinjection machine broadens its capabilities

August 23, 2008

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Coinjection machine broadens its capabilities

The versatile new Magna coinjection molding machine goes beyond traditional cold runner applications of multilayer, single-cavity encapsulation, with the following new capabilities: multicavity, hot runner coinjection; multigated, hot runner, single-cavity coinjection; and multicomponent, two-color coinjection overmolding. The ability to combine core and skin materials with two radically different sets of properties is suitable for applications such as high-gloss or color automotive interior components with low-cost scrap cores, soft-touch grab handles and steering wheels with engineering-grade cores, underhood components with chemically resistant skins, and electronics housings with shielding-material cores.

The Magna coinjection machine combines an isolation manifold and process control software to allow these options:

  • each cavity with A plus B material,

  • one cavity A material/one cavity B material,

  • cavities with A material only,

  • cavities with B material only, and

  • one cavity A material/one cavity A plus B material.

The isolation manifold allows independent and simultaneous operation of each injection unit, with an array of materials. All hot runner applications are compatible with rotary table, core-back, or robotic transfer overmolding, with easy reconfiguration back to conventional sandwich or monolayer molding. The manifold design allows independent purging of injection units for quick changeover of color and materials.

Process control software allows balancing of runners and gates by selectively sequencing start and stop cycles for flows of A and B materials, maximizing core concentrations in multiple cavities. The Camac 486 Plus control provides sub-2-millisecond response to critical events and permits full-color graphic displays of all process parameters.

Available with clamp forces ranging from 500 to 4000 tons, the Magna's base design is an I-beam structure that provides stiffness and dampens noise. Its footprint is made smaller and variable-on some models reduced by as much as 3 feet-by using modular, interchangeable injection units. For ease of serviceability, major machine hydraulic components are easily accessible, while the power pack motors and pumps are fixed on rails and slide in and out beneath the clamp. A common 60-inch centerline height across the Magna product line also makes access to the mold area easy for the operator. Pricing information was not made available.

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