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Extrusion, injection screw and barrel components

July 1, 2006

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Extrusion, injection screw and barrel components

Showing the combined wares of Xaloy and the recently acquired Dynisco at NPE 2006, the combined entity displayed both extrusion and injection molding technologies.

The company offered upsize/downsize packages engineered to provide injection units based on processing needs. The units come ready to install, including an eyebolt and lifting strap for an overhead crane to put the screw and barrel into place. The system consists of a barrel, end cap, screw with nonreturn valve, heaters, thermocouples, barrel covers, and if required, a water-cooled feed lock and drive adapter.

Xaloy also displayed the JCP 1760 Jet Cleaner, which can hold screws up to 60 inches and uses an oven for quicker screw cleaning.

On the screw side, the company exhibited the Posi-Melt injection screw, which reportedly offers greater output at lower melt temperatures, for a wider processing window and better mixing. The innovative geometry features dimensional changes in the root diameter and flight pitches in the transition and metering sections. The company also showed its Fusion II screw, which the company says delivers ?chaotic? mixing with faster plastication at lower melt temperatures.

On the extrusion side, a space-saving vertical screen changer was displayed. The vertical design uses dual breaker plates for increased filtration area, with seven sizes up to 9.1 inches available.

Also on display, manual screen changes that fit metric sizes of extruders, including 65-, 75-, and 100-mm lines, eliminate the need for adapters and allow the melt to flow straight through to the die. The company also had two new sizes of melt pumps with throughputs of 715 and 1120 cm3/gear revolution.

Xaloy Inc., Pulaski, VA
(540) 994-2269; www.xaloy.com

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