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Fully automatic injection molding machine

January 1, 2003

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Fully automatic injection molding machine

product_jan_02 (10K)A compact, precision, automatic molding machine has a twin-cylinder hydraulic 10-ton clamp with a vertical injection unit, permitting the use of molds that apply a parting line injection design.

The compact design requires 11 sq ft of floor space. The machine can be placed near assembly areas and can be integrated into a product assembly line. It is offered with a 1- or 2-oz-capacity injection unit.

The Model 60 has a direct hydraulic clamp that is locked when closed through a system of check valves. The machine has a clamp axis potentiometer and a programmable mold-protect feature to ensure that the machine will not cycle with any obstruction in the mold. The final clamping pressure is adjustable to permit the use of small, delicate molds at lower tonnages. A multistroke hydraulic knockout is supplied, which may be started during clamp open to eject on the fly. An optional stationary-side ejector can be used to independently eject runners. An air-blast system is also available for automation.

The compact injection units have a direct hydraulic screw drive. The flat-tip nozzle can be supplied with either a straight orifice or a shutoff, nondrool design. Selectable screw decompression, sprue break, and adjustable screw and injection speeds are among its other features.

The 5-hp motor drives an immersed 5-gpm gear pump. A heat exchanger is provided in the 12-gal reservoir, as is a return line filter with a monitor connected to the machine alarms. The machine?s sequences and parameters are controlled by a PLC and LCD touch-screen operator interface. All positions, temperatures, hydraulic pressures, and times are set in the screen. The control?s settings can be stored in the machine?s memory for future selection. Up to 36 eight-digit alphanumeric setup recipes can be stored.

Mini-Jector Machinery
Newbury, OH
(508) 359-7200; www.mini-jector.com

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